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For the past 10 years we have been serving families, kehillos and organizations, with their events year round. We thank the hundreds of clients, big and small, elaborate and simple for allowing us to coordinate and share in their simcha. We are proud to have coordinated the largest Hachnosas Sefer Torah in the US, The Rav Pam Sefer Torah and subsequently became the innovators of today’s Sefer Torah Parade.

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Basic Parade Package Price $1450
CLICK HERE to review our Basic Torah Package (PDF)

Our graphics department will pre- pare your nusach in hebrew or in english. You can choose from our large selection of traditional invites or full color mailers. Postcards are also an option.

They will be professionally printed and delivered to your door.
Would you like to invite your community to your Hachnosas Sefer Torah? We design and print tasteful posters and flyers in all sizes.

We specialize in High Quality large Format Printing for your advertising needs (No minimum).
We can organize your lists, make labels, stuff, stamp and ship all your invitations.

Personalized Stamps available.
Poster Hanging
We can put up your posters in your community or neighborhood. We can also put up in select shuls of your choice.

Call for Pricing.
House Setup
Will L’chaim, cake & fruit be just fine, do you prefer a lavish buffet - or something in between? We know what you need & are glad to come down & walk you thru the steps

From Setup to Cleanup;
Layout, tables, chairs, coat racks, linen, tents, washing stations, moving your furniture, Sweet Tables, Fruit Arrangements, Salad Bars.

We can work with the party planner of your choice. We are committed to showing you how to have a beautiful setup at a reasonable price. (You’ll actually save a bundle- weve done this hundreds of times b”h.)
Banners And Lights
A beautiful decorative banner adds a special touch to the simcha and it serves as a reminder of the upcoming event as well.
Professionally mounted a few days before your simcha.

If you wish to have your banner personalized please call 2 weeks in advance We have many designs & sizes to match your setting

BANNER - Rental, Mounting and taking down $125
LEMPLACH - illuminating your simcha, safely wired & connected (call for quote)
Photography and Video
Precious memories are cherished long after the party is over. We have wonderful photographers and videographers that have experience in Hachnosas Sefer Torah. They will cover all your bases the writing, procession, shul, seuda.

(no hidden fees all original tapes & cd’s are yours to keep)

Transfer your video/photo to any format , copies for the family our pleasure
PHOTO: and VIDEO: approx. 100-150 per hr. (collages & plaques are extra)
Musicians and Singers
We have a number of top quality musicians and singers however we gladly work with musician/singers of your choice. Have a specific musician in mind? We’ll work with him! A friend of the family wants to sing, hop on board.

Musican for Marching $300
Optional Singer for tahlucha $300
We have a sony system available to play music at your seuda sounds amazing) $300
Musican to stay for seuda $125

Beautifully Decorated Music Float
Let the music begin! Our beautiful Decorated Music Float is equipped with a full sound system. It is pulled by a impressive presidential style mobile with lights.

Our New float includes a riding area for “ the little cousins” (Have a specific musician in mind - we'll work with him! A freind of the family wants to sing with him hop on board. )

Rolling Chupa
Our rolling chupa was masterfully designed, adorned with a authentic embroidered velvet chupa cover, scalloped valances and trim. Decorative iron railings & artificial flower arrangements pull it all together. A true “ kovod latorah”

Light up the night our Chupa is equipped with Lighting for your evening parade & the Chupa is waterproof ( it won’t rain)
FLORAL CHUPA; - Fresh flowers can make your Chupa look truly majestic. The chupa can be decorated with flowers of your choice (we’ll even bring the Chupa early for your decorater to design.

"CROWN OF FLOWERS" - Some kehilos have the custom to adorn the crown with flowers ( appx.100-125)
• Arrangements for your event
• Flower arches

We have a relationship with a number of florists who are masters at what they do; or we gladly work with a florist you choose.
Torches / Faklan
Torches add a special traditional touch to a Hachnosas Sefer Torah The flames are reminiscent of the fire are Har Sinai.The torches are safe & we organize the children for the march,

We provide a responsible young man to supervise the children with the torches = additional 25.00
Price: $2.75 each
Pekelach (Goody Bags)
Bag Pekalach 1.25

Deluxe Sefer Torah box $2.50 – 4 colors to choose from

Drinks and chips .70
FLAGS- Whats a parade without flags for the children? We have a flag that coordinates with the parade float

Generally we personalize your flags with the family information. Shul name and date It becomes a keepsake & souvenir.
Full color Flags $1.50
Graphic for Personalization $35.00
Sound in Shul
Were reaching the highpoint as the new Sefer Torah is greeted by the other sifrei torah & marches into the shul

We came early & setup a sound system in your shul so that as the float pulls up it connects right in & the musician stays put. (WOW! The music continues no break in the action)
Shul Setup
We’ll coordinate with the gabbai to make the event go as smoothly as possible.

Have the sifrei torah taken out of the aron kodesh & safely returned
Give out Tehilim & pesukim cards
Moving the tables and chairs for dancing & putting them back
PA system for speeches and music
A table of Cold/Hot drinks
Bleachers for large crowds
Siyum Sefer Torah Seudos are unique. Should it be in shul, in a hall or with family at home? Sit Down or Buffet style?

We have catered them all from setup to cleanup. Our experience can help you decide. Let us show you your options.

(We work with the caterer of your choice.)